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o₁ interj oh; o Ex: O, wu pase po. Oh, we fled away.
o₂ conj or; o Ex: Nungoqi piraq Yangibe wo ye o beghi piraq Tigebiyu? Will we carry it and you go to Yangibe or will we carry it to Tigebiyu?
*o vi go; go
-o vt pl Ex: Muq ni nari baj kamo mawo mas. Now he told them to build straight houses to live in. (??in straight rows, or each house with straight timber??) Ex: Muq ni simbe nindim nari, "Otiwo nge kari di nungoqi yembe wand di kiap nandi nuqond." Now he told them, "Later I will tell you to work and the kiap will come and see it."
obo n fem crotan, a plant used for decoration in ceremonial dances and to sprinkle water in some magic ceremonies; purpur, tanget; Gh: abo; H: abo; So: quaq Ex: Obo muange pe wo yivanj buraq mand. The children chase flies away with crotan branches. Codiaeum variegatum (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.) obo dugri
obo dugri (obo) n crotan plant type; tanget Ex: Righe ruso, kinyam kinyam wo kuaw wo kiyangri righe ruso, muqdi ni mingi ruaq, obo rindaw ruso, obo dugri, orait obo dugri ngawu pe mbuind wup nase, tami mbuaqi wumbi. All her relatives went down, placed her in the center, put a string bag on her head and put a tanget branch under the string bag string. see also: obo tir. (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.)
obo tir
obo tir n crotan plant (yellow strip in green leaf); tanget see also: obo dugri. (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.)
oghi adj good; gutpela; Gh: yuwon, oghi, woghi; H: huan Ex: Ni yembe oghine nand, ni wuti oghi. He works well, he is a good man. (sem. domains: 4.3.1 - Good, moral.)
oghine adv well; gutpela; Gh: yuwonne [yuwon ne], oghine; H: yawone [yawon ne], huane [huan ne] Ex: Muq oghine pas. Now we live well. (sem. domains: 4.3.1 - Good, moral.)
oghisim nand see also: sabi nand. vt to help someone by fixing something or helping them to get well; oraitim em; Gh: oghiti nand; H: habi nindiny Ex: Imbi bir wus bu ni oghisim nindiq. The basket was broken so he fixed it. see also: sabi nand 1.
oi part What! (An exclamation of surprise.); wanem
olsem adv thus, like that; olsem
omo see also: pre. finished; pinis; Gh: amo; H: amo part 1completed task Ex: Yembe omo ningg tumo. The work is almost completed. 2used up, gone Ex: Kerosin wong rind omo. They already bought all the kerosene. Ex: Mir omo. The food is nearly gone, there is not enough.
omone adv completely used up; pinis olgeta; Gh: amone; H: amone Ex: Mir omone. The food is completely used up. umbogawo omone
ondim n neut 1a plant with a yellow tuber 2the yellow juice used as a dye which comes from the tuber Ex: Nge ondim tamb pe ngang gab. I rub the string with the yellow juice from the ondim plant.
*ondo (nondo) vi go towards speaker nondo nandi
ongi sumwuye [onggi sumwiye] n masc a tree with rough leaves used like steel wool to clean pots and pans; lip mosong bilong wasim sospen; Gh: wuye miab; H: onji humap; So: ngungur Ex: Ongi sumwuye raqe beghi os wuye pap. We used the leaves of this tree to wash the pans.
op rar n fem ankle bones; So: gubuq rar
opu adj half, area of ground, there; hap; H: wopu Ex: Wute gherim opu kin wuti. A woman from the coastal area died. Ex: Ni opu no, nge opu ren gadi. He went there, I came here.
oqowuye n fem the large throat of a cassowary; nek bilong muruk; Gh: wuye tami; So: gibe tami Ex: Duagi oqowuye pe yir baq munduw bu wuti. The spear hit the cassowary in the throat so it died.
orait conj all right, next; orait
ori [ori̥] n fem a wild yam which can be very big; wel yam (sem. domains: - Food from roots, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
orinye n masc elders whose role is to beat teenage boys in initiation rites to make them strong; Gh: ori muram; So: ori Ex: Wo urupui wari baj pe mo di orinye mandi mi ei gre mem ningg. When the young men went for the first time to the spirit house, then the elders came and beat them so that they would be strong.
oru nganye
oru n fem frog; rokrok; Gh: eru (sem. domains: - Amphibian.) oru cheghe , umo ngawu, umo mbaq
oru bis [oru bɨs, brɨs] n a green frog with yellow spots; some get large; Gh: eru poprang; H: oru bih [bɨh]; So: oru raw Ex: Oru brit nyumo taq pe ris, wuye wundi di riri,"Ngrok ngrok". This green tree frog lives in holes in trees, when it rains they call out,"Ngrok ngrok". Litoria euchemis (sem. domains: - Amphibian.)

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