Kamasau - English


umb [umbi̥] n masc the part of a palm tree where the fronds begin, including the new shoots; the green shoots of a taro or pineapple plant Ex: Wokuandi puwo umb yasmo pe baq mindiny. The boys threw spears at the part of the the betel nut tree where the fronds branch out. see also: nyum. wuge umb
umbo the insides; bel n fem 1the stomach Ex: Mir kuregh, umbo kuri. I'm hungry, my stomach is grumbling. 2the heart: the innermost part of a person including his thoughts, ideas and emotions umbo brequ kuse , umbo brequ rise , umbo irene kuse , umbo ker nawo , umbo kumo nand , umbo mare mitinde , umbo neng kughe , umbo oghine kuse, yuwon gud, yuwon kuse , umbo quang rimbig , umbo uyi kure , umbo wase kuse
umbo baj (id. ofbaj) n fem toilet; smol haus
umbo bidi n spleen, when enlarged; lewa syn: mir imb.
umbo brequ kuse (id. ofumbo the insides) vi feel bad towards someone, want to get something and can't; bel kros; Gh: umbo breko wute; H: umbo brequ kuhe
umbo brequ rise (id. ofumbo the insides) vi he is sick so his stomach feels bad; he has no appetite; bel bagarap
umbo che n fem faeces, excrement; pekpek; Gh: umbo; H: umbo Ex: Ni umbo che nuaq. He defecated.
umbo gawo n fem buttocks; as umbo gawo omone
umbo gawo omone (id. ofumbo gawo) adj naked; as nating; Gh: bugawo amone
umbo irene kuse (id. ofumbo the insides) vi to agree about something, to come to a compromise; wan bel; Gh: umbo irene wute; H: umbo irene kuhe
umbo ker nawo₁ (id. ofker nawo) vi He gets angry.
umbo ker nawo₂ (id. ofumbo the insides) vi he is mad, angry; em i kros; H: umbo brequ kuhe, yeng wand nand
umbo kumo nand (id. ofumbo the insides) vi he is troubled; tingting planti
umbo mare mitinde (id. ofumbo the insides) Bible Term they repented; senisim tingting, tanim bel; H: umbo mare hinde
umbo mim n fem the anus; hul pekpek; Gh: umbo gawo kowi
umbo neng kughe (id. ofumbo the insides) vt he comforted/encouraged him; givim bel isi tok; Gh: umbo neng wughe
umbo ngam, umbo quem n the small intestines; liklik bel; Gh: umbo dobui; H: umbo ngam
umbo ngamo n fem a toilet, the hole used for burying the placenta after a delivery; smol haus
umbo oghine kuse, yuwon gud, yuwon kuse (id. ofumbo the insides) vi he is at peace, he is not angry or afraid; i no bel hat o pret; Gh: umbo yuwonne wute, oghine wute; H: umbo huan kuhe, yawon pu kuhe
umbo puate n fem the rectum; as bilong pekpek; Gh: umbo mbori; H: umbo puaha
umbo quang rimbig (id. ofumbo the insides) adj nauseated; bel i tanim tanim; Gh: umbo ri righe rundo rindi; H: umbo quang reng Ex: Gherim seme meraq wuso di ni umbo quang rimbig. The rough sea tossed and his stomach was upset.
umbo quari n fem the large intestines; liklik bel
umbo tiqe, umbo tete [umbo tɨqe, tete] n fem the stomach; bikpela bel; Gh: umbo tee; H: umbo hiqe
umbo toqu nand (id. oftoqu nand) vi his stomach is enlarged; bik bel
umbo tunombui n masc hookworms and round worms which are very long; hukworm, snek bilong bel; Gh: umbo tunamb; H: umbo hunombui